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Lutheran Church beliefs, practices, and the Lutheran religion are known as Lutheranism. Lutheranism is one of the oldest Protestant denominations.

The history of Lutheran Church can be traced all the way back to the formation of its principles and doctrine. The Lutheran religion is built on the principles of Martin Luther (1483-1547).

Some Lutheran Church beliefs that may differ from The History of Roman Catholic Church (Catholicism) or The Origins of Christian Religion (Christianity) are...


Baptism can be done on infants and adults.

Everyone Has Access to God

Luther believed that it was not necessary for the priesthood to be a medium for people to access God. Anyone can access God through scripture, faith, hymns, Prosperity Prayers, sermons, and worship. Even youths!

The Lord's Supper

Transubstantiation is rejected by Lutheran Church beliefs but the sacrament has been retained.

Salvation Through Faith

Luther believed that salvation came though faith.

Salvation For Everyone

Anyone can have salvation through Jesus Christ.


Scripture (or bibles) are one necessary guide to truth.

Church Practices

Lutheran churches are not bound to a set manner of worship. There is no uniform liturgy. Every church can have their own way of worship.

Martin Luther developed these ideas through the concept that salvation is a divine gift from God. He believed that through faith anyone could achieve salvation.

Lutheran Church Beliefs Cross

Do you want more Lutheran Religion Churches, Schools, and Resources?

Lutheran Church Beliefs Crosses
  • Wisconsin Lutheran High School, Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod

  • Woodbury Lutheran Church, Lutheran Church of Hope, Elca Lutheran Church

  • Trinity Lutheran Church, Collage, and Seminary

  • Faith Evangelical Lutheran seminary, Faith Lutheran Church, Mt. Calvary Lutheran Church, Good Shepherd Lutheran Church, Grace Lutheran Church (Fort Worth)

  • First Lutheran Church, Carmel Lutheran Church, Hales Corners Lutheran Church

  • Evangelical Lutheran Church in America

  • Education -Texas Lutheran College/University, Prince of Peace Lutheran School, Midland Lutheran College, Cal Lutheran University, Concordia Lutheran College, Pacific Lutheran University, Prince of Peace Lutheran School, Anchor Lutheran school

  • St. John Evangelical Lutheran Church, St. Marks Lutheran Church, St. Paul's Lutheran Church

  • Lutheran Church Missouri Synod

  • Bethany Lutheran village, Carroll Lutheran village

  • Lutheran social services - Lutheran senior services, retirement home and nursing homes, Medical Centers, Lutheran general hospitals, Lutheran adoption agency, Lutheran summer camp, Lutheran immigration and refugee service

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