Lots of People Have Made Their Lives Better with the Spiritual Meaning of Numbers. You can too!

Learn how to read between the lines through the spiritual meaning of numbers and Numerology Readings

This is a guide to enhancing your life with the knowledge you will gain from numbers and their meaning. Many talk about the spiritual meaning of numbers, or Numerology, so we are going to make it easy for you. Here is a list of numbers and their meaning...

The Mystical Meaning of Numbers are Commonly Called...

  • Japanese Numbers
  • Chinese Numbers
  • Angel Numbers
  • Astrology Numbers
  • Numerology

Numerology is sometimes viewed as an occult or spiritual reading. You can use the numbers below for a free numerology reading of the numbers around you, dream interpretation, fortune telling, or divination.

Many love the metaphysical and psychic readings they feel like they are getting from these new age numerology charts.

Just like other Types of Alternative Medicine and holistic approaches including horoscopes, tarot cards, and astrology...

The spiritual meaning of numbers can be used to test compatibility, tell the future, or even to have a past life analysis.

There is even numerology software to do it all for you.

Some think that only physics or people with spells and runes can benefit from numerology. Anyone can benefit from numbers with this guide on how to use the spiritual meaning of numbers.

Transform Your Life Through Numerology and Number Meanings

Number One Meaning - 1 Completion, Beginning, or New

Number Two Meaning - 2 Wholeness, Life's Interdependency on all other life, Duality

Number Three Meaning - 3 Comes in Threes, Trust in God to Help Create

Number Four Meaning - 4 Orderly, A firm foundation or a need for

Number Five Meaning - 5 Transient, Changing, Unattached

Number Six Meaning - 6 Letting go of the old or holding onto the old habits, Service, Healing (similar to a Belvaspata Self Healing Energy)

Number Seven Meaning - 7 Spiritual, Thought, Awareness

Number Eight Meaning - 8 Beginning or End, Power

Number Nine Meaning - 9 Right Brained, Accessing information through feeling

Number Ten Meaning - 10 Inclusive, Unity

How Can You Benifit from the Numbers and Their Meanings?

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Now you may be saying "How do I use these numbers?" It is best to view them like they are like a whisper in your ear telling you what you might be missing. When you see a number over and over its a good sign that you should look at the spiritual meaning of the number...

Then, apply that meaning in the context of the situation you saw it. Or to what you were thinking about when you saw it. For example, let's say you see the number 6 over and over. It's a message about how to start your own healing.

Numerology is also very subjective. Many sources report similar but not the same meaning of numbers. It is important what YOU think they mean when decoding the spiritual meaning of numbers.

Your subconscious mind has assigned a meaning to that number and when it wants to tell you something it will make that number pop out, so it will seemingly be everywhere.

Stay open to the numerical messages around you by applying the meaning when you see the numbers.

Many people would say that this is a simplified explanation of numerology, and they are right. You can look at every word and every date and everything about everything then break it down to a number and get some sort of meaning from it.

You might want to avoid being too literal. It is much more effective to apply the basics. It is important to understand how over complicating things can be a obstical instead of a benefit.

There is no need to explain everything into the 1000th degree and that is true with numerology.

Going into extensive detail about numbers can be a worth while journey for some. But, for most understanding the basics is all that is needed. When you see a number over and over, look at the meaning then apply it to the context in which you saw it.

You will rarely need to do anything other than apply the definitions of numbers when they popping out at you. You can get really in depth with it and see more information about the day you were born or your name. But, it is over using the method when all you need to do is apply the basics.

You get 80% of the reward on 20% of the effort. The best idea is to keep it simple.

You can transform your life through the complex numbers' definitions. Tons of people benefit from learning about numbers and their meanings. To understand the spiritual meaning of numbers, Numerology, is one way to apply the spiritual gift of discernment and read between the lines of life.

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